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A Friend Of My Was Discursing With Me Yesterday.
The Man Was Speaking Out Of Bitterness!
He Shouted And Said With Low Voice-Something Must Kill A Man!
And I Said To Him, Why? What is the problem? Then He Said, Either From The Inside Or The Outside!
The Man Started To Narrate How Woman {Eve} Killed The First Man {Adam} & How They Are Busy Killing Many Prominent Men Of God Today.
They Have Killed So Many Great Men Of The Old, For E.g Adam, Samson, Solomon Etc.
Woman Have Killed Many Of Great Men Of Destiny & Distroyed Their Ministry.
They Have Sent Many Great And Small Men To Hell. Women With Their Seductive Acts Has Lured Many Multitude Of Innocent Men Into Fornication, Adultry, Prostitution And Many Abominable Activities. Many Marriage Is Shaking Today Because Of Women Unpleasant Acts Against Their Husband. Girl And Boy Friend Today Are Increasing The Volume Of Abnormal Sex As The Result Of Fornication All Over The World. This Is How Boy And Girl Go Into Marriage, Instead Of Man And Woman Go Into Marriage. Ucenter Dress items to pick for maid of the brides