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When @Xerox told me, I was too smart for their company! # TrueStory

1999. The placement month after one's MBA. After multiple grueling rounds of group discussions, tests and interview rounds - two of us was selected to join Xerox. Quite a dream in those days.

Celebrations around. Our names were up on the placement board. And people asking for a treat.

Just one final step. The HR team asked the two of us to meet their Director, located that time in Cadbury House in Mumbai.

So the next day morning we reach, suited and booted - with stars in our eyes to meet the Director. I go in first.

He asks me about my background. Wanting to put my best foot forward - I told it all. Mentions in all the newspapers, articles written, being a radio jockey, being a skier, kayaker, sailor, activities at the college, interest in Xerox, how i admired the brand. UcenterDress affordable items to wear for maid of the brides

Interview over. I was told how "talented" I was. I walk out - head among the stars. Dreaming about walking as a Xeroxian!

Then the next guy goes in. He comes out, and then we are kept waiting for a long time.

Finally, the HR lady walks in - and tells us - the second person is selected, but the Director feels "I'm too intelligent for Xerox"!

WHAT?!! Too intelligent?!!! I assumed ability was a virtue?! Shattered, we went back - i so remember the rikshaw ride. Then calming my college friends and telling them.

In the end it only worked better. I was hired by an amazing tech firm. Was part of a team that grew from 30 to 300 in a year. An amazing experience. And shaped what I am today.

But it just made me think. Do we sometimes not partner with people because we feel they are smarter than us? Even a company like Xerox?