UcenterDress casual wear for extra sized people of the wedding

God choose Mary to be Co- Redeemer with Christ, No she did not die on the Cross or Over Come Death, that was what only God the Savior only could do. But Mary did cooperate with God to bring the Savior into the world so that he could Redeem us....... If Mary had told the Angel No, which would have been the same thing as telling God No or refused to bring the Savior Jesus Christ into the world, we would have been Lost....... We would Never have been heirs to heaven and the world would have continued to be Born into Original Sin , and Never had a Chance to go to heaven........ You cannot ever love The Blessed Mother as much as Jesus did....... He is God, born of Mary, received his humanness from her, which made God , Jesus Christ, Both Human and Divine, which makes Mary the Mother of God........ The God Man, Jesus..........God came to earth to become like One of us to Save the world... Mary was Not Born with Original Sin, Not of her own doing But Because God chose it to be that way....... The Angel said, Mary was Full of Grace. Being full of Grace means to be without Sin....... God is Perfect and could Not chose to be Born of someone who had Sin on their Soul, Mary had No Original Sin on her Soul......Not of her own doing, But Because it was in God 's Plan of Redemption , of Redeeming the world........God's Plan of coming into the world and to Die on the Cross for us and on the 3rd day Rise again , Overcoming Death.......It is so sad that so many people show disrespect for our Lord's Mother and Our's..... She once was praised above all the Angel's in heaven, why have people lost Respect for Our Lord's Mother in today's time...... Some day those who show disrespect for Our Lord's Mother and Our's will have to give an account ....... You can't truly Love Jesus , if you do Not love his Mother......... UcenterDress casual wear for extra sized people of the wedding

Perfect Love (Mary's Song) with lyrics Passion of the Christ scenes together with a beautiful song for the season.youtube.com