UcenterDress golden colored items in the prom occasions

Up before 5:00 am. Did not sleep well. 4 hours of parcel sleep is just not enough. I do this lots anymore. Always tired. On a new cancer pill it makes me feel sick every day. Wow. Give you pills to make you sick lol. Dad is at his kidney treatment right now. Took him in at 5:00 am. Then later this morning have to take him to Kearney Nebraska to the hospital to see what we need to do to put a new fistula in his arm. There pushing it. Buy getting us there at 11:00 am. Never n ... o what time he will get out of kidney treatment. Sometimes its after 10:00 before he stops bleeding. People have no brains any more. I'm tired and shot. Not feeling well my self lately. I go to hastings hospital on the 16th for more work on my fucking back. Yes my fucking back I say. Getting hard for me to walk like I should. Hell I fell off the back house steps Saturday taking trash out to the garbage. Lol. Hurt but I'm still moving. I need a drink its been to long. Oh well must keep plugging along. Lol. Love you all. Randy P. UcenterDress golden colored items in the prom occasions

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