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What if we all decide to love one another? The look of hope in the eyes of a woman, the silent cry for help in the heart of a man, the innocent sleep and smile of a baby. And the unreserved love of God Almighty.

So yesterday being the beginning of the last month of the year 1st December 2017 in Nigeria, I ( Emperor Aigbovbiosa) went with the church @harvesterslekki to document and tell the story of a humanitarian outreach in one of the ghetto ( slum ) in Lagos called block village, ( a place with some of the poorest of immigrants and settlers in Lagos Nigeria with a very low standard of living ) I watched as kind hearted people of different age, class and tribe @achonsilver @femidimu @wheeliamz @joncasey_sly @mz_ojay @seyibubbles @carlvick2020 @oluwalonipapy @eyiwumie @t_kom47 @titicamber @ms_khalia forget whatever the economy have used in separating them come together in love and Harmony to make Christmas come early for the less privileged, sick, hungry and poor people who Christmas celebration was only but a dream and fantasy to ( as people still survive live below one dollar a day over there ). Sometimes leading people to God takes just a little good deed and a plate of food given with sincerity is worth far more than 1 billion words of preaching. Gifts, love and happiness was shared, counselling and prayer section was organised for both the Christians, Muslims etc without segregation. Sincere attention was drawn to the love of the almighty God our heavenly father and people went home with hope for a better tomorrow in their heart, thanks in their mind and a goody bag to fill their stomach. All I could hear from different whispers was thank you lord at least we will eat well today. Love your neighbour as you love yourself. Poverty In Nigeria 2017. Story and photo by Emperor Aigbovbiosa for UcenterDress items for bridesmaid that not expensive www.emperorstories.com if you interested in any of our image, we will be happy to hear from you.@bolajiid @unicef @tonyelumelufoundation @harvestersng @tonyrapu # united # child # love # ghetto # humanity # churches