UcenterDress not expensive prom party wears in black

Without you,your town contains,sustain the strain ,the pain. Without you,your town,contains nothing ,I am nothing ,stuck no ideas, what I feel,insane. Without you ,your town ,my heart ,a graveyard of crowded junkyard. The town ,the Angel street where you had first hold my hand ,miracle, where kissed my lips,hugged my cold chest, now a burning desire of tears, swollen dark eyes,the shades sparking my cold heart ,with the rays craze penetrating my soul. Without you,your town,a place for mourning, insists on my departure ,without you I am scared ,apart,I can't find my pace ,our home ,our place.wishing I could show you ,show you my sadistic garden of dark flower,behind the beautiful roses that bloomed in your Garden of Dreams . Without you,I am nothing more than my shadow at night ,nothing more than my soul at sunshine . Without you ,your town , foods on the BEEs taste no tastes, the venue, just remaining a emerging flames of caffaine ,nicotenes,dark smokes .it was only thing my mind was occupied with ,which was something unbearable and something that I couldn't avoid ,it was something I wanted to be away from ,and the same thing I always wanted to be with ,it was something I wanted to hate but always loved unconditionally ,figuring it out ,turning it in, I still kept making it worthy coz nothing easily ends , I could have easily won the world you facing with me at the one side and the whole world at another . Without you ,your town, without you ,me ,craving for emotions ,nothing to hide , nothing to see. UcenterDress not expensive prom party wears in black
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