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Can the trendyness of giving little kids almond milk just stop already? I know this is going to turn into kids not getting all the nutrients they need and some serious fear mongering against veganism and plant based alternatives.

So many people are realizing the negative aspects of cows milk and seeking other options, and everyone recommending almond milk makes me cringe. Not that there's anything *wrong* with almond milk, it just has a nutritional content more similar to fortified orange juice than cows milk. If you expect it to fill nutritional gaps the same way as cows milk, it's just not going to work.

Luckily there's soy milk and pea protein blends that are as nutrionally dense as cows milk without the cruelty and that are perfectly good choices for vegan/ dairy free/ dairy limited toddlers, but its hard to get that info to people when they're getting endless almond milk suggestions, especially when you add all the fear mongering about soy milk having hormones the dairy industry has already done. (Ironic, right?) Drives me bonkers! UcenterDress on sale wedding options With Lace Appliques

And yes, I know, kids over one don't *need* a milk, but toddlers who eat a balanced enough diet to get everything they need from food alone are unicorns tbh.