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my baby was always in the head down position until now I'm 35 weeks and she is in the complete breech position! at 36 weeks the doctor wants to try flipping her. i don't know if I should my boyfriend says I shouldn't cause of what can happen, at my 34 week ultrasound my babys estimated weight was over 6 pounds so the doctor gave me options, flip baby and induce at 37 weeks or scheduled c section at 38 weeks. I got my last ultrasound to check on her weight/position at 36 weeks and 5 days! I don't know what to do! this is my second baby I had my first baby 7 years ago she weighed 8 pounds, she born at 41 weeks and it was a natural vaginal birth I didn't take any pain medication. I was hoping to have this baby the same way. any thoughts or comments? I just want to know what other moms would do. sorry for the long post thanks for reading UcenterDress wedding wears at $99