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We should pay ONLY WHAT IS SET OUT IN ARTICLE 50. The EU is so keen on treatres, so we should STICK TO THE TREAT OBLIGATIONS and pay NO MORE.

It is NOT "complicated". Any idiot can see that it is in the interests of the EU to MAKE everything seem complicated so as to draw it all out in the hope that we will get fed up and change our minds. What is hilarious is that almost EVERYTHING idiotic that Juncker, Barnier, Verhofstedt et al say and do makes people realize ever more clearly what a hideous nightmare Brussels is. beaded wedding wears with covered with bling

The EU is corrupt, undemocratic and indeed quasi-fascist (FORCING federalisation on Europe, which NOBODY HAS EVER VOTED FOR, EVER, ANYWHERE), wasteful, manipulative, controlling, incredibly bureaucratic (bureaucracy = control).

"economies of scale"? The UK is the FIFTH largest economy IN THE WORLD. We have our OWN "scale" and can made favourable deals with ALL kinds of countries.

We might have stuck with the EU, but THE PRICE IS TOO HIGH:

-30 MILLION euros per DAY, EVERY DAY
- loss of 70% of our fishing rights
- loss of sovereignty and control of laws and borders
- INSANE French-style bureaucracy
- inability to refuse entry to KNOWN RAPISTS AND MURDERERS
- fanatical drive towards federalistion, WHICH WE DO NOT WANT
- the RUIN of Southern Europe

FEW people on the Continent underdstand all this, but what is sad is they mostly DO NOT EVEN TRY TO UNDERSTAND. Empathy is not their strong point - especially in Brussels, where they have total contempt for nayone else's viewpoint.