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"During a recent conversation I was told I was rejecting principle because I saw no problem with “having fun on Sabbath.”
A few months ago I posted about people, dour and severe, who mistakenly think their sour condition is some type of “holiness.” It is their principle to have no fun on the Sabbath. Their children cannot play on the Sabbath. They have their lists of do’s and don’ts. Etc., etc.
Once people are in this mindset (and there are lots of them) what’s next? Soon, the Pharisaical rules begin to mount and the Sabbath is no longer a gift to mankind. Satan has done his work, and Sabbath becomes a burden -- a list of obligations. Modern Israel has followed ancient Israel.
Sabbath is no longer a day to rest our bodies and minds from the burdens of the week, but is just another responsibility to bear. Get up. Get dressed. Drive to church. Work the parking lot. Work the collection plate. Serve at pot luck. Drive home. Don’t smile. Act holy. Chat about those who are not as holy as we. Where is our “rest”? black tie dresses
They wonder why our youth, sitting in a corner eating gruel, leave the church in droves. Worse, their rules and regulations (almost all of human origin) drive people who would seek Christ to reject them altogether. But, hey, look -- they are eating beans. They have principles. It’s all good.
Of course, they will never see themselves in the description. No, no, they are just holy and principled. They are letting Jesus mold them -- mold them into dour and severe people, I guess. So, they grow scrawny with their food, dress in black suits and skinny ties, and sit in their pews with serious faces.
Folks, I keep Sabbath and these people freak me out.
What do you think it does to people who are seeking truth?
I am absolutely sure that Jesus would visit their churches; however, after all -- He came for the sick and confused." [ David Hood ]