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1. When you are in the bed with her dont
your Dick in her Honey pot quickly, first
Romance her.
Kiss her, Lick her, Caress her from head to
toe her until She Shivers.
2. Rub your Dick on her Pussy untill she
makes funny sounds.
Do this to make her get wet more than
3. Before Fvcking her, first Kiss her Neck,
Lips then Suck her Nipples, Caress her Boobs
then her Thighs.
She will start wanting you to enter her but
First turn her Hot completely.
4. If you care about her Lick her Pussy very
well until she moans, this will make her
Active for The Play.
5. This one is for the Ladies, Hold his Dick
and Caress it then Slowly suck it Like A
This will make his Dick erect more and get
Harder for the Sexual Pleasure.
6. Man now go ontop of her and insert your
Dick slowly.
Fvck her Slowly just take it easy Man.
7. Now go Faster as You Kiss Her Lips and
Hold Her Boobs Tight.
8. Dont Fvck her with one position only.
Make sure you do atleast Three positions or
even more.
Man on top, Girl on top, Doggy style and
This will stimulate her G spot, the sensitive boat neck scoop wedding bridal collections
9. Ladies don't let the man do all the work
or he will Fvck you without pleasure.
You also Touch him, Touch his butt and Hold
tightly as He is Fvcking You.
You Also Moan when he is Fvcking you but
Scream like A Mad Woman, That will put Off
the Mood.
10. At the last moment Fvck her hard till You
Ejaculate so that she feels the heat, more
heat more pleasure.
11. Men After Ejaculating don't Remove your
Feel her Breath then Hold her as you Kiss her
Forehead and Lips.
Tell her she is The Best of the Best when it
comes to bed.
Then let her lie on your chest to Sleep.
Believe Me She Will Never Stop Loving You
Men if you want to Fvck Her Longer, when
you feel like Ejaculating stop Fucking her
and start Romancing her a bit by fingering
her Pussy for some Minutes then Resume
Fvcking Her.
For Ladies If You are A Virgin you will feel
pain after and during sex so Men Take it
easy on her.
Put your dick in her pussy then wiggle it
from inside, she will feel great.
Men Are We Together ? ?