bridal gowns with bows

OK, without giving too much detail while driving to Rochester I was listening to a radio station that was discussing the closing of a program - Stepping Stone Education Center - due to misappropriation of money by the director. The grant writer did a great job of getting funding and became suspicious of what was going on. She made a police report, spoke to the board of directors and because of being a 'whistle blower' there continues to be investigation. This person (the grant writer) spoke of how many people were not paid up to a few months when the doors closed, non-payment was extended to others that were hired to do things like snow removal. The 'grant writer' gave her two weeks notice stating, 'I was taught to do things the right way'. The Thursday before the ending of the first week the woman in question (Director) "Told me to leave then stuck her finger towards me and said, 'And, I don't want to hear anything more about this'". On the radio station, she said, "I knew this was a 'calling out' and I was going to follow it untill the end". I immediately thought of Trump and his words to Comey. Also, when Trump turns the table and says the FBI is ruining Flynn's life rather than it is the lying that is ruining his life, it solidifies even more what his values are. I love the term, IT IS A CALLING OUT and pray Flynn decides to 'do the right thing' not out of fear but rather a shift in consciousness. And pray that the FBI 'follows it to the end'.... bridal gowns with bows