casual informal wears for mother of the bride

They overcame the enemy by the blood of the LAMB and BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY! That verse in Revelations makes it clear. So here I am with one I've been waiting for over half my life to share. Why you ask? Because it just happened 3 days ago and though I believed it would come, prayed for it, fasted and sought the LORD it just became my experience. I cannot tell you all the mechanics of the whys and hows of why God does what HE does, but I can tell you what I experienced and how it happened to me. I have been sharing some about a problem with what is referred to as the SI joint. It is a joint around our mid section which often affects lower back, leg and knees and which is often misdiagnosed or not treated because their is no cure, not really much treatment I've found helpful for long but which is excruciatingly painful and frustrating because it moves to hips, legs and back so often you can't really pin point your problem or know how to work with it and not against it. I believed a few weeks back the Lord told me to "tuck my tail" and for a few weeks if I did that intermittently all night, I was able to get relief that was astonishing, but this is way beyond that. I have been listening to David Hogan on youtube and I've been praying for a lot of people. We as Christians have the responsibility placed on us in the great commission to do that. If you doubt your role or are untaught I suggest you turn on David for a few clips. I haven't heard this teaching in about 40 yrs. Anyway, back to my testimony - I prayed for a woman who has scoliosis of the spine so badly she was walking with a walker and trying to work out at the gym. My prayer was quick, and uncomplicated but I went home wondering about the results and then remembered a book called, "A More Excellent Way". (I have 3 copies if you need to borrow one, they are $30 at the store) My husband laid hands on me and prayed in accordance with the instructions in that material right before bed 3 nights ago. As I laid down in my bed I felt my tail bone adjusting ever so slightly. As if a gentle hand had softly touched it. I wondered about the sensation and soon fell asleep without medication. I slept without any pain. The next night - no pain. The 3rd night - no pain. Now I haven't been able to sleep in about 10 yrs. The last 5 have been so bad I've been on rounds of massage creams, medications, cold packs and tears. Half my life I've suffered with problems and a chiropractor told me the curvature of my spine was such that I would suffer all my life and there was nothing could be done. Physical therapists gave temporary relief, some exercises, and massage therapists nearly crippled me. But that laying on of hands and knowing exactly how to tackle this thing healed it completely. I'm still absolutely reeling with joy. God still heals and delivers!!!! If you need to be touched, it might be a good idea to pray for someone who needs healing in the very same way you do, and don't give up. Fast and seek God, HE will send your deliverance. HE will hear your cry. I truly thought this thing would take my life. It had become so enormous and so out of control I could hardly sleep any where but on my bed. Every move I made, even driving had to be curtailed because it would aggravate my back/spine. I had all but given up and I'd told a friend I will take my life if God doesn't heal me, I can't take this pain and misery. I know myself and this is too much. Now you might not like what I'm saying to you. It might be too much reality for you and it might sound like I don't believe in GOD. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just know HIM well enough to know HE would not allow this kind of torture for one HE loves so much. Something had to give and I was doing all I knew to do. That is when Jesus showed up! Don't quit. Don't give up. If you are at the end of that rope, tie a knot and hold on, Jesus will be there directly! casual informal wears for mother of the bride