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Feeling super good! Just donated a super fly brand new dress, tags on, to April Maria for her prom dress drive. So what's in your closets? Gala dresses? Prom dresses of your daughters? Bridesmaid dresses? Killer shoes that killed your feet? Help her dress 55 girls in need for prom. As a mom who doesn't have a whole lot extra, it feels good to do this little thing. Join me! Please share on your pages! evening maxi dresses Renè Rylee Ashley Walker Raven Ashlee Alyse Walker Alexandria Walker Sha Lobban Ramonda Ray-Ray Horace Tasker Sauda Porter Karen Jasper Karen L Wesley Nikki Boone Ross Jasmine Shairee Alison Anderson Wright Keitheia Adkins Carla Brown Carla Box LifeIs Aisha Andreal Neal