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This, my friends, is the Castle of Hohenwerfen in Werfen, Austria.

If the castle looks familiar, well, no surprise there as this is the castle from the movie "Where The Eagles Dare" (1968), it can also be seen in the classic movie "Sound of Music" (1965) and more recently it was featured in the TV show "The Man In The High Castle".

This medieval rock castle is situated on a 623 meter (2,044 ft) hill overlooking the town of Werfen, approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of Salzburg, Austria.

The Hohenwerfen was built by Archbishop Gebhard von Salzburg from 1075 to 1078, which makes you wonder which construction company they were using if they managed build a castle like this in less than 4 years (?!) Well done, in any case.

The surrounding fortifications were built from 1127 to 1142 and certainly not for nothing as the castle has seen plenty of action during it's time.

In 1525 during the "Peasant Wars" the Hohenwerfen Fortress was set afire and severly damaged. The subsequent renovations saw construction of the first gatehouse for the gate watch and until 1534 significant improvements were made, the reason being an imminent threat, this time around the uninvited and unwelcomed guests being the Turkish. hippe styled items to wear if in a wedding

During the boring peaceful times, to continue the castle's bloody death filled history the state decided to turn the castle into a prison.

Today the Hohenwerfen estate is owned by the state of Salzburg. It is open to the public offering guided tours showing the castle itself, it's extensive weapons collection, as well as a falconry museum and a fortress tavern.

So there you have it!

Therefore, the Hohenwerfen castle goes on my "must see" list!

Speaking of "must see", if you haven't seen the movie "Where Eagles Dare", well, you must see it! It's awesome! ;)