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Me: where is the sword?
Mur: if you look deeper you
will see it.
I move closer and focus my
eyes on the water then I saw
a white substance moving on
the water like a snake, I move
away and told her.
"I saw something like a
golden snake moving inside
the water"
Mur: yeah, that's the sword.
Me: what those it mean?
Mur: I was thinking you will
answer that for me, for
decades nobody has been
able to bring it out, just watch
She walk to the coffin and
insert her hand, I walk over to
see what she's doing, she was
trying to catch the moving
snake with her bare hands
but anytime she try to catch it
the snake will run to the
opposite direction.
Me: of course that snake is too
small you definitely can't catch
it, nobody can except you
destroy the coffin.
Mur: no, it can't be destroyed,
the prophecy says that only
the one with the mark can
take it and that person is you.
Me: this is crazy.
Mur: try it, you won't lose
Me: what if the snake bite me?
Mur: the snake didn't bite
other people that try to catch
it for years why will it bite you items to wear in the bech of the wedding that is affordable
now, come on try it please.
Me: okay and if I fail you will
return me back to my place.
Mur: if you fail we will find
another way to return you
back to your place I promise.
Me: okay good, okay then here
we go.
I raised up my shirt and then
dip my right hand inside the
coffin, I look inside the water I
didn't see the snake again,
then I started searching for it
and before I know it the
snake ran into my hand and
bite me, I screamed and
remove my hand from the
horror water falling on the
ground and holding my
hands, Murica ran to me and
saw the mark of the snake.
Mur: am sorry I didn't know
this will happen.
She was saying while I was
looking at the thing that came
out of the water with me,.
Me: what's that?
I said pointing at the thing on
the ground, Murica drop my
hand and walk to the thing,
she took it up.
Mur: this is the hand of the
sword, "the grip" and there is
a button on the pommel here,
let me see.
She pressed the button of the
pommel on the sword handle
and a sharp sword came out
from the guard of grip,
shinning like sun more like a
shadow of sword.
Me: holy poo.
Mur: I told you, you are the
chosen one.
I stood up and walk to her, I
took the sword and look at it
very well, it's not even a blade
more like shinning sun.
Me: I wonder if this can
damage anything.
Mur: use it to cut that rock.