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A question I received: "Why is reducetarianism getting lots of coverage?"

Answer: Because many people really do care about animals so they get all excited when someone comes along and tells them that they can discharge their moral obligations to animals even if they continue to exploit them. Everyone likes to hear that it's really okay to do something they think is wrong. The reducetarians denigrate veganism and tell people that they don't have to be "hippies" who reject all ... animal exploitation. They can continue to participate directly in harming animals but they can feel good about it.They can join a club and have a label. It's the same story with the "animal people" who promote all the happy meat, eggs, and dairy. And with all them, the story is the same: don't forget to donate so that those who peddle this nonsense can have a job promoting animal exploitation and getting praised for it.

But the bottom line is that people are happy to be told what they want to hear. That is why we have such awful politicians--inside *and* outside the "animal movement." The sad thing is that many people do care about animals. And if we did not have these hucksters telling them that it's okay to continue to exploit animals--and, instead, we had a social justice movement that sought to engage people about the legitimacy of animal use-- we might actually get somewhere. items to wear in the evening that not expensive

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