long floor-length prom items latest style

This is the greatest thing about Jamberry! Now your little girl (or boy) can have cute nails just like mommy! Jamberry has a whole line of Junior wraps for the little ones in your life! These wraps are, non toxic, safe, tons of fun, and last way longer than polish! AND NO MESS! Our junior wraps are for girls ages 0-8 and each sheet of junior wraps has 5 to 6 applications each! With our Buy 3 sheets and get 1 sheet free deal, why not get matching wraps and make it a special occasion for the two, or three, or 4 or more of you! Grandma's, Auntie's and Niece's encouraged to participate too! I'm really excited to do this with my nieces when I go visit for Christmas! long floor-length prom items latest style