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There is photo going round. I will post it on the comment/thread. But I first saw it in the morning on a group wall. It is the picture of the governor of Oyo State, his wife and daughter in a mosque during a prayer procession for his 60-something birthday.

In the picture, his daughter has her hair uncovered with the gashin doki blazed all over her face. Now, some people found it insensitive offensive that a Muslim will do that. And let it be known.

But then we are still in that era of hijab wearing or no wearing war, and this girl is said to be wondering why anyone is concerned with the way she dressed in a mosque. I guess the parents have never given her cultural relativity and religious sensitivity training.

Because we are now one recruiting for social media hijab BH, I want declare that even as foolish as she was, I don't blame the girl, even though she is more than mature to receive the blame for her own action.

I'll blame her foolish behaviour on her very irresponsible constituted authority father for failing to give his daughter the important social, traditional and religious training that she needs.

I declare that Mr. Constituted Authority is a big idiot for allowing his daughter to walk into the mosque like she did. everywhere. So, my bros, Dr. Adetunji Bello, abeg come and carry your idiot Gwamna.

Yes, I blame the parents for allowing her to follow them into the mosque the way she was dressed for they are supposed to know better. Their action is not only disrespectful, it is stupid.

I'm not a Christian, but soon as I'm about to step into the Church the first thing I do is remove my cap. And I have attended hundreds of weddings in church.

On Facebook alone, I've attended the wedding of over 20 Christians, and in all, I'd the presence of mind to remove my cap before stepping in. That they will all attest to.

I'll attend another one this Saturday in Unguwan Rimi. I'll go with my agbada and hula, which I'll remove while in the church and put it back later for the dance, and eating, and the looking of za chinana.

If I don't remove my cap nothing will happen. At worst they will assume that being a Muslim I'm a JJC like Buhari in 2014. But I'm not. So, I remove my cap as always as a mark of respect for the people that invited me.

This is me and my wife at a wedding in a church in Zango Kataf, on December 31, 2014. As usual I removed my cap while we were in the church and put it back on after the wedding proper for pictures on our way to the reception.

If I do that in a church, you will imagine what I'll do in a mosque. Now, imagine seeing Muslims disrespect the mosque. If it were Christians or people any other faith, I'll chuck it up and dismiss it as the person either being ignorant, insensitive or mean spirited. But definitely not by a Muslim!

That Muslim father that walks with his daughter into a mosque with her hair loose and uncovered and sat inside with her is a foolish father. Those who said nothing right then to his face, especially the imam, and only made noise later are complicit.

That is not liberalism. That is either a product of their cowardice or greed. If it were here in the north, even if all the members will die right there and then, they will insist on eject her. And yes, we are terrorists in the north, that is why we will eject the fools.

And then the comparison with Firdausi of Hijab Vs Call to Bar fame! Kai! How? One is seeking justice, as she insist that her constitutionally granted right to be allowed to practice her faith as it is, must be given to her. This one went into a mosque to insult the faithfuls, and with her foolish parents in tow. mermaid bridal dresses with long sleeves

No one is telling us that that dress code for call to bar is not in contradiction with constitution when you bring in religion into it. All we hear is that the Body of Benchers have right to discriminate. And we know that they don't. But you cannot go into a faith-house and shit in people's faces.

I repeat, this girl's parents are stupid. We have not gotten to that stage where we will be disrespecting people's religion. We must never allow this hijab argument, whatever our position, is to make us lose our heads.

And this is coming from me, whom have no hijab wearing member in my family. I don't care if you do or not. In fact, if you chose to walk naked, I'll be among the first to come have a look.

But we have to tell each other the truth. Unless we will be afraid to say the truth or if it is wrong to say it. When did we start this? Why will anyone give this idiot family mind or excuse? Is that how you'll play the my enemy's idiot is my hero?