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Thank God for the camera. I would have been humiliated with embarrassment in that Lagos Hangout. I'd already planned a meeting with Helena for that day, so I had a reason to attend.

I was so shy I couldn't even introduce myself audibly. My village people na want to use me shine, they enter Munah to nominate me in a game.i wanted the ground to open and swallow me. God! Then I recognised Jo whom I had previously chatted with. I also made eye contact with Temidayo who seemed like we had met before. Very humble and calm girl, more beautiful than she claimed here.

Truth be told, I had already zeroed my mind that after meeting with Helena, I would leave the venue. First, I have never been to a club and I am no serious fan and second, it seemed everyone knew themselves before and I was the only odd one out. Body just dey do me one kain. I was even shy to even bring out my camera. I started taking pictures from my sitting position with Gray's by my left and Helena and Jo on the other side. Thank God I sat beside these people. No dulling with them. Then gradually, I began to find the courage, interest and zeal to keep snapping. JO and Helena was really giving me the ginger and vibe. A party without a Jo or an Helena is void. Awesome ladies.

Taking pictures that day was a planned process to escape any form of shyness, to get busy and not to be looked out as that boring loner. Picture taking was really a perfect escape.

On getting to the venue entrance, a bouncer was there's announced. I showed my ticket and I was in. Just at the entrance, I met Olumide . Awesome dude! He was too busy that when I even called him first, he didn't hear. Thank God I didn't persist before my village people would use me to shine. He later came back and said, "I didn't know you were this tall". I laugh as guys would and kept snapping.

I was already into the taking of pictures. I was enjoying every bit of it even though the first two games were quite boring. They were not Nigerian games. More like for the whites. As usual, my concentration was on the action and I was really getting it.

Then, I started getting closer to people. I went to meet Kola and literally ask for a picture with him. As per to increase my celebrity status. Cool dude even though I was expecting someone fierce and harsh. He was even too calm. That was a surprise. We whined about photography and cameras and lenses. It was good to meet him.

Then I met Hymar . I had always wanted to meet the dude. My expectation was a calm an reserved dude but Baba is not even close to calm at all. Definitely the opposite of Kola. He was really awesome and quite friendly. He added life to the party as well. He came to me and gave me a hand shake. "I don make am" was the feeling. I had beef for him though. I was on his friend list before and somehow, I was no longer there. Baba had removed me. Don't know why but I cared. In that anger, I went and blocked him as if he will even know. Stupid me! Anyways, that singular gesture of him coming to meet me with a hand shake changed everything. Quickly, I removed him from my block industry hoping that one of us would send a request. My heart became light already. It was good to meet you Baba. non-formal garments for wedding in short length

I am not a fan of Nigeria music because of their poor lyrics and no meaning. However, some musicians are now doing better. Kola was really a musician to look forward to. I was not expecting such awesome performance. He really wowed me. I was dumbfounded at his performance. It was superb. Just the right music at that time. He was really good. Do make you blow bro!

I expected to see a lot of my Facebook friends but didn't see them. So I was almost alone. But it's ok. The few I saw were really awesome.

I cannot forget to mention that I saw Kehinde . That girl's craze is raised to the power of 7million. Fine girl with guts. I couldn't help to blush when she drag the one leg of my trousers like we had been sleeping on the same bed before. Aww, it was cool. I like it, lol. She really a nice person. Funny person and free spirited.

I met Enwongo and it was good. I met Ogbono Igala , Bibian . Two awesome sisters that I can't tell apart. It was really great meeting you guys.

I met Olajumoke . Babe came in like she was high. Maybe not. She hugged me without asking for my name until I met her the second time. I think she was not aware. She was really great. Herself, Helena, Jo and Hymar made that even pop.

Everything was going fine. From the music to the food to the talks. Those couples were awesome. The two event anchors were too good. I enjoyed every bit.

After eating food I have never eaten before, I ended up inside the toilet. I had already started going home before I realized I needed to take a dump. That was how I came back.

Olumide really did a great job and he must be commended. Well done Bro. Your reward dey heaven. I me his girlfriend too. Sweet Damilola. Fine woman.

This hangout really brought me out oy shell and I can't lie about it. I knew I was very reserved, a loner and shy person but nobody knew. I make noise here on Facebook like a lion but in real life I'm just a cat. Thank God for this hangout. I am now more sociable. Another thing that this hangout really brought was friends. I am not proud but I received friend request from persons I had been following for a while now. People on a normal day won't accept my request, I accepted theirs and I also sent requests that were accepted. I don't want to read any meaning to this but I am grateful.

My greatest appreciation would definitely go to Ugochi Judith Mmeje . She paid for my ticket. It was a good gesture and the best gift ever received this year. Thank you Ugochi!

I can't mention everyone but I enjoyed seeing all of you. Udeolisa , Adeola , Chidimma , Omowumi and many more. Thank you!

If I have not travelled out of this true country by next year, I would definitely be present for the next.

Lagos Hangout 2017 was lit!

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