non traditional items to wear for the maid of the brides

On a lighter note: # VITAMIN_C_tablets are WATER-SOLUBLE so you must take them with some kind of drinking water or as Vitamin C water solution... merely sucking on vitamin C tabs until they are fully dissolved in one's saliva or chewing them in the mouth is a wrong way (though its widely taught as the conventional method) to consume Vitamin C in tablet form. First of all, Vitamin C is ASCORBIC ACID- and like all acids (including bacterial acids), it negatively affects/erodes your teeth enamel and over time if you over-suck or over-chew Vitamin C tablets the conventional way, it will inevitably make your teeth weak/brittle/sensitive UNLESS RINSE YOUR ORAL CAVITY WITH CLEAR WATER & MORE IMPORTANTLY, WASH DOWN THE SUCKED/CHEWED VITAMIN C TABLETS WITH ENOUGH DRINKING WATER- during or immediately the Vitamin C has fully dissolved. That's why there is commercially prepared VITAMIN C WATER on the world market today. VITAMIN C has been and will forever be WATER-SOLUBLE and NOT fat-soluble, beer-soluble, wine-soluble, tea-soluble, soda-soluble, porridge-soluble, soup-soluble, etc. So Vitamin C works best and magically for you when consumed the right way orally. Stop and think, ask yourself why you use ONLY DRINKING WATER to DILUTE YOUR FRESHLY SQUEEZED VITAMIN C-RICH NATURAL FRUITS OF ALL KINDS, why dont you use any other liquid/solvent/fluid??? non traditional items to wear for the maid of the brides

N.B: On the other hand, VITAMINS A, D, E, K are FAT-SOLUBLE so they must be taken simultaneously or alongside FATTY/OILY-RICH MEALS, FOODS, FLUIDS, LIQUIDS.... and because many fruits, vegetables and foods CONTAIN A MIXTURE OF VITAMINS A, B, C, D, E, K all present in them, IT IS ADVISABLE TO EAT YOUR FRUITS, VEGGIES, JUICES, MINERALS AT OR DURING OR AROUND MEAL TIME- ie at full breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper meal times- WHERE GOOD FAT/OILS ARE INCLUDED AS WELL AS DRINKING WATER TOO- so that ALL these nutrients and micro-nutrients are easily, readily absorbed, assimilated and effectively used by your body cells and tissues to heal you, grow you, develop you and keep you alive, well, fit and healthy.

# BasicsOfNitritionalScienceAndHumanMedicine .