off the shoulder dress formal

Ok, just so everybody knows, for reasons that concern only us and nobody else, I've deleted and blocked Sarah and Hanna off of here and in my phone contacts. Those that know me know I will do anything for anybody if I can but I'm not gonna be played a fool nor am I gonna be accused of bullshit. For too long I've been the nice guy doing things for people, not just them, and most would say I'm too damn nice, whether its showing up when someone needs help in some way or even giving money with no expectations of getting it back. Its just the way I am and always have been. Guess its time to be like Alice Coopers song says, no more Mr nice guy, and I can do that though its really not me. I'm putting this out there because I want those that know the three of us to know I don't want to hear ANYTHING where they are concerned. If you want to ask them then that's up to you to listen to the bullshit. But don't mention them to me in anyway from this point on as this will your one and only warning. If you do and I don't care who it is, you too will be deleted and blocked in all ways. That's all I have to say about the matter. off the shoulder dress formal