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No Shave November Epilogue: Eddie had recordings, photos, DNA evidence, the whole nine yards to not only connect Mayor to the Gillette crime family, but also to the allegations of him attempting to smuggle and distribute illegal hair care products to Beardlantic city. The overwhelming evidence as well as Eddie's testimony has both Old Spice and Tou Pee behind bars, as well as a huge chunk of the Downtown Police department. old fashion wedding dresses
To fill the void of power the mayor's arrest left, DA and chief prosecutor Garnier was promoted to hold the office temporarily, with the promise to draft legislature to prevent this kind of overgrowth from happening again.
Head and Shoulders met outside of Head's house.
"So what now?" Shoulders asked. He wasn't sure what head was thinking. Since he had shot Shave, a lot of the driving force that kept him in law enforcement was gone.
"What are you talking about? I can't leave you out there on your own. You're too reckless, you'd tear this city apart" Head smirked. Shoulders smiled right back at him.
Looks like this beard will always have Head and Shoulders.

Man. wasn't that a journey. Until next year, keep your beards growing and remember, Head and Shoulders will always have your back.