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Does it suit me ??
Dr Asish Ganguly , Faculty, IIT Kharagpur, January 21, 2018

Hi Friends, you can consider this post as a simple photo-shoot in Raymond Classic Suit.
Well, for me it is worthy to share with you the feelings of wearing a suit for the first time ! hahaha. I know many of you already become surprised to learn that a man travelling abroad so many times and acquiring a high position, didn't buy a suit ! Well, that's true dear friend.

Why ?? Let me tell you the main reason is that I didn't get answer why I would buy a suit. I know many gentleman keeps suit in their wardrobe and wear that in a party like wedding etc , just like ladies keep benarasi saree in their wardrobe. This kind of fashion doesn't work for my mentality. Look, I am in a teaching position, and in this job, even in a high-glamorous Institution like IIT, suit is fortunately not an essential requirement, except for may be in some high administrative positions in IIT. Secondly, trust me, in abroad, even in USA, UK etc, suit is not at all a must-thing to draw attention and/or to get impression, at least in my arena; rather a nice scientific publication and/or capability of discussing subtle scientific matters over coffee/lunch/supper is a requirement. Now, that doesn't mean that these two reasons prevented me to have a suit which I first planned to buy at the age of 27 years, let apart from the reason of expensiveness which, surely you know, doesn't matter to me. organza wedding gown

Then what is the reason of having a suit after twenty years ??!! Telling this reason is the actual purpose of this post. I want to share that reason to my learned and distinguished FB friends. Point is the following question:


I know many of you would tell "Why not?! Of course". Actually you are considering my looks only. I am pretty sure that my physique comprising my broad enough shoulder, good height, perfectly balanced shape, smart enough appearance, walking etc is definitely suitable for suit. But my question is whether a full formal classic outfit like suit really suits my free-flow attitude.

My answer is negative. I usually remain calm and informal but dynamic and efficient enough in almost all circumstances even in classes in IIT, and my students always felt "homely" in my class, they usually like my teaching-personality except of course when I, rare ocassion though, become angry by some noise in class etc, at which I reacted with strong words uttered very coolly, which perhaps is not favourite to my students. But that is a different issue.

What I mean here, a faded jeans with a T-shirt and a jeans half-jacket rather suits my attitude. So this is the reason why I didn't buy suit for the last twenty years!

Well, I know at this moment you develop an obvious question in your mind. What makes me to decide for suit finally ? Do I think that my attitude has been changed ??

Dear Friends, let me very clearly tell you that my attitude doesn't change at all, and it will not be till the last day. It is actually one of my good friend, who for the last two years, continuously insisted me for a suit because this friend thinks that I would be of an awesome look in suit ! hihihi.

Well, Friends, sorry to disappoint you by such a silly reason. But reality is stranger than fiction. This is the reason why I went to Raymond Showroom in December, choose cloth, and ordered their tailor to make it. Just one week back, it was delivered by a smooth card-swipe @32000/- only. I had to buy also a perfect white absolute cotton Raymond shirt @4000/-, a Raymond Tie and a zed-black perfect leather Hus Puppies shoe from Gariahat Bata @5000/-
to have a perfect formal balance in full outfit. Remember, the formal dress like suit is extremely sensitive garment to handle: with a suit you can not have a non-polish non-leather sport-shoe or you can not have a pale low-quality shirt inside, I mean, any small defects will be ferociously highlighted by your suit. You may compare the situation with the news of small deviation of a teacher's behaviour which becomes sensation in society because of the proverb "A white shirt looks dirty even by a small patch", in Bengali "সাদা জামায় ময়লা বেশি চোখে পড়ে".

Now, you give your feedback please. Whether it suits me?

Good Evening Friends

NB: I have reading glass, and so in all other time I do not put my glass, which is also very expensive one, progressive wide-view with many other facilities with Famous Tommy Hilfiger frame,…/collections/copy-of-runway-show/14

brought from Optical Palace at Calcutta in 2012,@ 20000/-. The reason why I also put glass today along with suit on the way of driving back for IIT Kharagpur is that FRIEND of mine, who after seeing some of snaps in suit through Wapp, requested me to put glass.

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