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I try not to share too much of my business, but i feel it will do someone some good rather than save my pride. I've been silently going through a separation and today was my first day of freedom. I had to deal with an alcoholic, a cheater and manipulator. He was a narcissist, compulsive liar, abusive, never took responsibility for anything and always blamed me and thats just a small part of what i had to endure for years. I'm not a victim though, but i want you all to know if you actually have friends on Facebook check on them. Really check on them, call them, text them and see them. Facebook only shows what people want you to see. Also know that when you do what you're suppose to do everything will line up and fall in place! I've never felt better! Its ok to know your worth and stand up for yourself. quinceanera gowns with jacket