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I've had an extremely unfortunate situation with the Home Depot in Jupiter FL. The people that work their are not the issue. The Numerous people who have tried to help with the situation have been excellent for the most part. We designed and ordered a custom Vanity through Home Depot and thus their purveyor Thomasville. It took three reorders to get enough non broken pieces for our carpenter to create the vanity. Its all documented. The delay ending up being 2 and 1/2 months and cost us over $1200 in having to pay our carpenter for days he showed up to work with out the materials being able to be used. Numerous days were lost as we received many emails stating the delivery was in the Jupiter store waiting to be picked up when really it was nowhere to be found. I myself helped looked in the back of the building trying to find our boxes. Spoke to very apologetic Store Managers and was promised and received a refund of 400 dollars and change after the second reorder of materials due to damage on delivery. We finally receive the third and final delivery of product and were able to piece it together. But as our carpenter is putting it together, he realizes that the drawers faces are not put on properly and have to be removed drilled and placed back on in the proper position. More time, more work, more of a delay more cost. After I went to the store over 12 times to pick up product that wasn't there or send back broken delivered product. We have pictures and documents for the entire situation. I had had enough. My wife then took the project over of trying to recover the lost money to our carpenter due to the situation. We then receive an email second marriage wedding dresses

JUPITER, FL 33458 (561)747-6561

0274 00097 21978 10/27/17 01:49 PM
* ORIG REC: 0274 097 53203 08/12/17 TA *

ORDER ID: H0274-58727

SUBTOTAL -1,617.00
TOTAL -$1,617.00
CASH -1,552.00
INVOICE 3973746 TA


Which is great but as we waited for the refund to appear in our HD account weeks go by. I send an email inquiring about the date we can expect the refund to hit our account. They respond with an email that we don't owe any more money on the dispute????? What??? So we call again and they say they made a mistake we will not be getting a refund it was a mistake on their part for sending the email with the refund receipt you see above??? Its a pretty incredibly disappointing way to do business. Especially since we never even asked for a full refund. Just the amount to cover the extra costs. Please be advised and we will be using Lowes for any future projects. Shame...