second wedding dresses for older brides

{The Accidental First Night}

Manisha: Manisha is 25years old. Having nice and sexy figure. She have amazing shape. Studied till MBA. She didn't loved any guy yet.rejected many proposals just want to lead happy life with s guy whom her parents choose for her.

John: John age 27 unmarried. Fair looking handsome. We'll build guy. Doing a job as software engineer. Recently broken up with his gf. Just like many guys he had dirty mind too.

Manisha's father in hunt for a groom for his daughter. Manisha wanted to do job after getting married so he decided to look for a groom in Bengaluru. Whereas Manisha hometown is 80km from Bengaluru. The search comes to end when Ashok(age 28. Software engineer) meet Manisha father. Manisha haven't seen him clearly she saw his photo 2 or 3times. Without engagement both family decided to marry directly because of distance.

The time has come Manisha and Ashok both gets married at Manisha hometown. Whereas he wearing flower mask and just like bride. They can't see each other in marriage. Thought Ashok know Manisha looks. After the marriage Ashok parents decided to travel in train to Bengaluru. So everyone gets on train.
"You can have this single room for yourself. We will arrange for first night for tomorrow. Sleep here." Told Ashok mother to Manisha. It's getting dark so Manisha closed the door and went to her room in train and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, Ashok throwing little party to his friends. There are 4friends. John is one of them. but both John and Ashok are friends since school. Even doing job together. John had 2beers and took Ashok wedding cap and dress for fun and wear it. After 2hours. John wanted to go for loo. As he drunk. He can't see rooms clearly because his face blocked by some flowers. His mistakenly opened bride room. At that time she is sleeping he were going to say sorry but she is in such deep sleep. He just waits few mins and staring at her. With high drink he wanted to touch her. Placed his hand on her soft navel. Then she woken up suddenly "mother told us not to do anything now" she said by thinking that it's Ashok. John got the mood and he will try to seduce her. How can she reject when she think it's her husband. As it's bit dark... second wedding dresses for older brides

[Rest is in players. Here I will be playing as John .Looking for someone to play Manisha role for me]