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*Journey Through The Wilderness*

Episode 1
I was sleeping before I felt a tap on my shoulder. I open my eyes gentle and saw my mom.sitting on d bed with her wrapper. everywhere was dark. thank to the crack opening of the window that make the midnight moon to pierce to the room. I sat up and wonder wat make her to come to my room by this time of the night. to wake me up, it her voice that jolt me back from the thinking.
Am the First born in our family. The 1st boy in the family of 5 two boy one girl.
mama: junior junior junior
me: mama what did u want by this time it late already.
mama: uhmmm junior sit up properly I want us to talk mother to son
me: OK all hear pls be fast you know m going to work tomorrow.
mama: remember you re not a small boy most of your friend re back to the village for Christmas, with big cars see your friend Chukwudi he have already started building his own house. ehn look at you in the village go and meet him to help you ehn my son
me: mama pls if that what you want to discuss with me again pls m not ready for that if my time come god will lead me through.
She stand up and left my room with talking again.

Episode 2
Being the first born and a boy is Like hell on earth. I have to do some menial job to support the family after my nysc, and I can’t secure a job. Most of my friend have went to the city, while most of them Are doing some business.
I went to chinedu house to talk to him about how he can help me also. he already promise to take me to Lagos with him to start work.
before I left he gave me #24000 to get some things I will need, Getting home I saw my mum outside blowing the fire with her mouth I just shake my head, and went close to her I gave her part of the money and explain everything to her. I enter my room,pray, and pack some of my clothe to my old school bag, before I went to eat and sleep off.
Chima wake up?? I thought m still sleeping cos I jump up from the bed like someone the police is pursuing….I could here laughter from the background before my eye clear and saw my mum and junior brother and sister in my front.You better stand up and have your bath before your friend Leave you behind, that the only word I hear before I dash to the bathroom.
After bathing and dressing up.I get to the parlour to meet my friend dressed talking with my Parent, I dash to the kitchen to grab something to eat before. I was so happy because I know I will also be in the city in some hours time, start my dream work Accountant, and come back to the village to build my own house nd drive my own car.I went back to the parlour to meet them through with there talking.
I was followed outside to the car my friend bought latest Venza. he open the back door for me to drop my bag I open the front door I sat on it he also enter the driver side and start the car. after 30 min we re out of the village.

Episode 3
Journey To the city is uninventful.
We only gist about the old time, School,lifestyle e.t.c.
We get to the city late in the night, we have to Check in in a hotel Cos we cant risk to drive in the night.
Getting to the receptionist the waiter is a beauty to behold. I just open my mouth agape her top two booten is loosen and her twin orange was almost pooping out of her bra.
a tap on my shoulder brought me back to life, I was really ashamed of my self cos when I look up my eye and d receptionist jam each other she finish it up with a smile. looking down my Crash is rock hard and visible I have to put my left hand to my pocket to hold it firmly while am using my right hand to hold my suitcase.
My friend order for two room and when I try to ask him y he just pet me on my back, collect the key and wink at the lady.
we get to the 2nd floor of the hotel, he handed my key over to me and went to his own room I stand admiring the beauty and textile of the hotel before I went in the room is a beauty to behold I keep wondering the amount the room will cost.
Food a Bootle of magic moment and 2 packet of condom were delivered to my room by the cleaner with a note, Keep yourself ready for me baby. I sat down on the bed reading the paper all over again, I decide to show my friend when I get to the front of his door all I could here is a girl mourning. I just shake my head and went back to my room to eat.

Episode 4.
as I enter my room I first went to the bathroom and come back to eat, barely 5 min I started earing soft knock on my door. I sat down still and wonder who could come and be knocking by this time of the night.
out of curiosity I went to open my door and met the hot receptionist in front of my door. with her top 3 botten open, b----t pooping out, red lip stick, her working clothe is down to her knee length. I just can’t stop gazing at her. before I could recover from her supernatural beauty I see that the only one standing, as I look back I already saw her Lying on my bed with only her pant and Bra. I closed my door and get close to her, she stand up and we started kissing her lip stick is sweet like stray berry. before I could regain my self she push me on the bed, draw my pant down and take my d--k to her mouth.
she started s----d my d--k like a lollipop she will deep throat me. spit on my dixk and lick the full length. after 5min my body gave way I release all my speem to her mouth, she open her mouth and swallow everything, I collapse to the bed.
she took my flaccid d--k and lick the tips with her tongue. to come back to life she open the drawer pick a condom and tore it wear it on my d--k like a married man on suit and sit on my d--k going up and down on it after 5 min we change to doggy style I keep hitting her had from the back and slapping her a-s cheek, I sight a Vaseline on d table pick it up, disengaged my self from her I let her laid face down with her a-s shooting up, j spread her leg and lubricate it and guide my self to the holy land.


Episode 5
The Cold feeling on my Joystick Wake Me up to life. I try remembering where I am before my brain function back that am in the hospital, looking down I saw the receptionist head going up and down she raise her head up and laugh at me. I lay flat and she come up on me in 69 position, her p---y lip directly on my mouth while she continue giving me bj. blowing hot air to her p---y she start to shiver like someone with epilepsy I laugh in wardly and grab her two leg, lapping away all her juice, I tongue Bleep her and eat her up like someone eating pizza for the first she started shivering and release her c-m to my mouth I swallow it all and raize her up, lay her flat on the bed before she recover from the holy land I started hitting her hard from the center of gravity after 5min I carry her up and told her to go on all four I started hitting her hard like a student that fail to submit her math assignment. baby Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep me harder, that all I hear before I C-m inside her. short knee wedding gown
I carry her on my shoulder to the bathroom I clean my self up and her. she dress up and left the room not after another round of s-x.
I started feeling hungry and look for the time it 10:30am I open my mouth and rush out to see my friend in his room. Knocking the door I didn’t wait for any reply before I barg inside like a mad only to see two unclad lady on the bed. my friend later come out tying towel,
We Greet each other and he other for food through the land line.
After eating he paid the girls off, I went to my room to get my suitcase getting down stair I can’t find the receptionist on sit, another set. we check out drop my bag in the car and zoom off.

Episode 6
After Driving for like 45min we drive into an estate m really surprise seeing all those big house. though not my first time of seeing one I see a lot in the movie but in reality my first. My friend stop in front of a Magnificent mansion or what should I call it. the gate was open by a guy of like 25years as we drove in the guy greet him he just shake his head and park off the ignition and come down I was rooted to the sit because I was waw by the compound very need spacious with swimming pool and 5 other car inside the compound.
I started praying in my mind that have this type of mansion although I don’t know the type of work his doing.
I came Down and saw A damsel abi let me say mammy water, Tall, boobilicios and hips like Nicki minaj At the front of the door staring at me.
as a codes guy I grab my suitcase vto my side and move to her by then my friend is no where to b found I come closer to her she give me the tightest hug have received in my life her two boobs pressing firmly to my xhest, she’s smelling like strawberry flavour by then my oga downward have risen and kicking through the fabric of my trouser Like agana lizard, she disengage from me and collect my suitcase turn and open open the door and lead the water to there parlour/sitting room I could see her backside shaking slowly like Ariana garde.
The parlour is neatly arrange from the sofa to the rug table TV I don’t know what to say than curse all the witch in our village for following me person wey no get primary6 result living in this type of house.
soft hand on my shoulder brought me back from my thinking country. She ask me what am thinking but I have to lie to cover up she just smile and that her dimple o my god is really visible. her red lip and makeup like a Friday striper.
she lead me to my room, drop my suitcase and left my room. I arrange my clothe and went to bath change to a comfortable clothe and went to stair to talk with my friend.
getting down I realize m d only one at home I went to the kitchen to the sweet aroma of a pepperish chicken with chips I step it down with a juice.
all I could remember again is. sleep

Episode 7.
Loud banging wake me up the following morning. I was very surprise what his happening in the house not until I get to the parlour and saw my friend fiancé lying on the pool of her blood.
I rush to her and feel her pulse she was still breathing I carry her on my shoulder and rush outside when the gate man saw me he rush to me and help me with the car key and door. I can’t see the trace of my friend in the compound. as am not familiar with the environment the gateman start the car and off we when.
after driving for like 10 min we locate a hospital I rush inside, where I went to meet the nurse they come with there roller and carry her inside.
I and the gateman waited at the reception I keep pacing up and down trying to understand what the course of there fight because I don’t see them having any misunderstanding the previous night. and if it because of me I would leave there once and for all.
as I sighted the doctor coming out of the ward he summon me to his office. when I get there I sit down faxing him.
before he drop the bombshell.
Doctor: Am sorry sir, we try all our best but it like her time is up on earth
feeling impatient I shouted at the doctor what the answer but his reply caught me off guard
Doctor ;; she’s dead

Episode 8
I feel downcast.hearing that someone I saw not up to 1day is dead I leave the doctor office shaking and sweating all over my. body and went to the room to check on her, her lifeless body have been rolled up in a white sheet I touch her face and everything is pale.
on getting home with the gateman there’s a familiar car o saw in the compound a day before packed one side. I ran inside with my chest beating hard only to see my friend packing his clothe to his travelling bag as I got closer to him. I feel a cold iron on my neck Turning my back gentle I saw 4police officer at my back with there gun pointed at me like say I b Evans manager.
I was bundle out of the house to an awaiting police van outside, As I want to talk one of the policeman hit me with the boot of his gun and I pass out finally.