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I'm so glad I made Phil Sasinek 's wish come true 3 yrs ago today-I even wore a white wedding dress to complete his wish! We renewed our wedding vows-not on our wedding anniversary but on a day when our family could be all together. Thank you all who were there to witness this special moment with us-it will always be remembered. short sleeve bridesmaid dresses Christi Adkins , Tossy Rizer , Ron Rizer , Joan M. Vitale , Michelle Bertrand , Chad Stepka , Evy Blanco , Glen Pearce , Delma Gipson , Dennis Gipson , Ed Maxwell , JoAnn Vandembrink , Linda Petch , Rebecca Donohue , Troy Donohue , Sharon Mcguire and anyone else I may have missed-we were forever grateful that you took the time to attend this very special event that meant so much to Phil and I, especially Phil.

Sasinek Wedding Vow Renewal Through major illness this couple stayed together through the tough times and stayed committed to each other. With their sense of humor they renewed their