vintage inspired wedding items in short length

I've got fireplace envy. During this afternoons peaceful neighborhood walk Angel and I stopped into the house behind mine still in construction phase. Their fireplace is bigger; well, really it's a chiminea. But mine is nicer, more dramatic with the lion's head which carries many fond memories of Rome. I'm up on my roof garden waiting for the show. Sunset. Firework explosions in distance. And there's a part of the surrounding undeveloped area that resembles the Serengeti trees and grassland. A couple years ago I spent a few months in Africa, not the first time and not last. As a matter of fact I returned in March of this year. Anyway, a few years ago I spent time in East Africa and learned among other things to spot lions, cheetahs and animals in the brush from far away using binoculars. And close-up when least expected. When they weren't moving it was quite tricky, but after a while it becomes normal. One thing about humans is we can get used to anything. The other day Omar, my electrician said, 'look over there.' And there was a very long black snake heading for my backyard. I asked if the snake was poisonous and he said he would hurt Angel so I told him to do something. He'd come by with a shovel so that's what he used. After the fact he told me in Spanish the name of the snake so I googled it. Pig snout snake common in southern California and Mexico. Not poisonous. Oh brother but it was several feet long and maybe it would have hurt Angel, I don't know. Went out for tapas last night with a friend to discover the lady with the little loose dog that attacked Angel on our walk the other day has several complaints against her in the neighborhood . Word travels faster than lightning in this community. My next door neighbor has put out pots of poinsettias... Very pretty. vintage inspired wedding items in short length