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On my baby's 30th birthday, I give you 30 of my most favoritest moments with you...

1. Our first date during the rainstorm
2. The noodle in the raincoat story
3. Being shamed by a man with a distinguished smoking pipe
4. Watching A Whole New World with realistic audio for the first time
5. Surprise campouts in my car with hot cider
6. Reignwolf concert
7. Our first big trip together to the Bahamas
8. Realizing that I was in love with you
9. Your old lady casserole story
10. Getting two churros for the price of one
11. The first time you experienced tropical waters in Florida
12. Our group trip up to the cabin
13. Cracka ass cracka
14. Watching a goose get chased by a bee
15. Our morning boat ride in Tahoe
16. Lip Sync battle with Craig and Jay
17. Magic Castle birthday fun
18. Our Paramount tour on the back of the golf cart in the pouring rain
19. Taking you on a surprise peach picking adventure
20. Your first time riding Forbidden Journey
21. Our New Years Eve on the Hornet
22. House sitting with you
23. Finding out we got our Alameda apartment
24. Playing hooky and going to the botanical gardens/Santa Monica/Venice
25. Playing Time Stories and laughing over Pierre and and the man restrained to the bed.
26. Monkeying you while you attempt to cook dinner
27. Our first concert together seeing the Black Keys
28. Our day trip to Pescadero and Shane getting insulted for buying up too much bread
29. Moving in together
30. Waking up next to you everyday knowing just how amazing our love is and where it's going to take us wedding dresses for bigger ladies