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I think I might need to start paying someone to groom the dog. I have been sitting in the floor for 3 hours trimming him up after bathing him.

My children very strongly expressed their desire not to have him look like he did the last time I shaved him down. I worked to un-knot his fur and trim it so that he would still be fluffy with a fall cut.

When I would get covered in fur I could not tell where he ended and I began, I would vacuum. The vacuum violently attached to my inner thigh, and the suction was such that if I had to rate the PSI (pounds per square inch) I would have to give a rating of "strong enough to pull the blood out of your head and make you light headed." I have a vacuum hickey on my inner thigh that will be there for a while. Good news is that it is not swim suit season. Might be time to hire this job out to an expert. wedding dresses for women over 40