what items to wear for tall maids of honor

My brother's roommates were bullies except one. However, they got the wrong person. They wanted to treat him less humanly as if it was a crime to be a fresher in the university. He never let them have their way. He was older than most of them in the room and he pushed back. They saw he was a hard nut to crack and they thought of using me to shame him.

I always brought food for him every night. I never had extra friendliness with any of them. I was a very shy girl.
One midnight, my phone rang. I didn't know who was calling but I still answered it. He introduced himself as my brother's roommate and tried describing himself, so that I can have a mental picture of him. "I am that tall and slim one in his room". I was in no mood for that long talk and so I accepted I knew who was talking with me. He was all going round and round until I stopped him. 'Biko, I am just coming back from class. I went to read and I would love to retire for the night as it is even late. I don't make night calls but was curious. I wanted to know who was calling by this time'. He apologised and asked of the other friend that comes with me, he wanted to say hello to her. The lady was alright with that, I passed the phone to her and slept off while they were talking. what items to wear for tall maids of honor

The next morning, my brother called me. He wanted to see me. I knew something was wrong but I was unshaken because I said nothing stupid with the roommate. I met him under a cashew tree. Of course, Abia State University is the home of cashews. We exchanged pleasantries. " Kedu?" He said to me. I told him I was fine. He nodded. He was quiet for a while before narrating to me how the roommates took my number from his phone. He told me he was awake but closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep, just to listen to all my responses to the guy. He told me how all the roommates gathered round the phone and were listening to my conversation with the guy. They were telling him what to say in whispers. Oh yes, the call was on loudspeaker.
Finally, he told me how he was happy with the way I handled him. That morning, he warned all of them never to try that again or taste his wrath. I was happy that I made him proud. I was also happy that they couldn't shame him through me. Iberibe daakwa ha.

This is how much we have of irresponsible guys. You wanted to humiliate someone and you thought of sleeping with the sister just to achieve that. Who told them sex is humiliating? They felt sex was a weapon. They saw sex as a conquest. They couldn't look for a way to humiliate my brother except sleeping with the sister. So sad.
That is when parents would emphasize on how having sex is not dignifying, only for their daughters; making the boys feel the dignity of a girl is in her vagina. They thought "shaming a girl is to sleep with her". The vagina is more of a big deal than the penis.(Sigh)

I am reminding all ladies not to believe all you are told. Don't believe all love professed to you to be true. Try them. A little time will tell more. Don't let anyone rush you into anything. Take your time. Don't let anyone shame you because you had sex with him. Never do that. Your dignity is "YOU" and not your vagina.

God bless us all.