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U S A international policy?

Since Republicans party came to power,USA has suprisingly shaped the ineternation system by not only defending the american interest but also trying to pull out a lot of agreements and accords, the question is who's behind all those problem and why???

This is a tradition in the USA that two main parties strugle for power .
1- The democtatic party: the main ideology of the democratic party is to defend the low income people by trying to reduce healthcare ,helping young people to get higher education ,fighting against racism inside the country.Their foreign policy is mainly based on Globalism (liberalism) in which all countries commit one another to solve their problems by talks, commitment,accords instead of war or another destroying policy. That led the former president of the USA Barrak Obama to seek peaceful resolutions in the international relations, among these: Paris accords on climate change,the accords on immigration and refugy and the most important one is the ongoing crisis in North corea and Iran nuclar development .Inspite the fact that during the obama's administration, USA has taken some military actions to solve an international issue( libya) but their main policy is : liberalism. white colored and high low styled items to wear

2-The republcan party: the second and strategic political party in the USA led by the wealthy and most extremist americans.Their main taget is: economic, business, self-interest.Carring about poor people is by far not being their concern. They definy the world as it is, not it should be, with a critical international policy based on : self-interest, war,threat, interventionism.Their golden rule in the international system is '' all the means are good to acheive your goal''.

Since january 2017, which led the investiture of Donal Trump as the 45th president of the american history, the whole world has witnessed a tragic change in the international system. By fillfiling his famous commitment to the american people: ''I wanna make amarica greater again'' .It is a well known fact all the rules have changed.
1- His first taget is north corean nuclar development.Donald has commited to use all in his power to stop pyonyang from developing the nuclar arsenal by pleading chine to join his decision.
2-The second target is: the american commitments and accords which he qualified as nonsense.He pull out Paris accords,the accords on immigration and refigy and UNESCO so on and so forth.
3- The muslim people: he made the american supprem court to adopt the travel ban strategy to six countries maily muslin such us: Chad, libya, Somalia,Iran,North Corea.
4-The crisis between Palestine and israel: he has threatened to recognise jerusalem(the holly city for both muslin, jews and christianity) as the capital city of israel.A decision that affect the peace agreement between palestineans and israelis.
Everybody is following with keen interest the american policy in the international relations knowing that this will increase the possibily of war among the states .UN (united Nation) which their main mission is to preserve peace and security around the world is speechless about these problems.
Who will stop america from their policy of interventionism??

By king hassan the II an international analist