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I have been quiet the last few days for the most part because Christmas is almost here and lots on my mind so I have been laying off the politics and such BUT today, I feel the need to throw out a little political info.
I am not an economist nor am I proficient in tax policy but I do have some common sense that kick in from time to time.
The new tax plan the GOP is going to pass will not be perfect but then no bill ever is. I keep reading about how the rich in America will prosper under this bill and its true! Guess what, they probably should prosper because the Top 1% in America pay most of the taxes that fund all those social programs liberals want. Why shouldn't the rich get some back as payment for creating jobs in America so you and I can go to work and put food on the table? If you really think about it, those evil rich Republicans fund alot of government with the taxes they pay on corporations they own. Oh, by the way, it isn't just those evil Republicans who benefit, those evil rich Democrats liberals love to quote that get richer too. Barack Obama??? Anyone? He sure got rich in the White house. Nancy Pelosi? She and her husband profit pretty well too. wine colored bridesmaid dresses
Every Democrat on Capitol Hill will wine about the middle class but they won't tell you that they benefit as much as any rich republican.
When corporations have more money to reinvest in their companies, we all benefit. They are able to offer better employment dollars and better compensation to employees who spread that money to their communities by purchasing goods and buying property they pay taxes on.
Would I like to have more money, you bet but then I already get tax credits that the liberals put in place years ago that benefit my family. I didn't ask for them but I legally use them.
The bottom line is this, the economy is booming, jobs are coming back, deregulation is causing positive job creation because government is getting off job creations back and letting corporations create jobs and cutting red tape. The stock market is roaring and this bill will enhance that.
Will there be some bad trade offs from unintended consequences of the bill? More than likely because you can't cover every contingency.
Most of the democrats are mad because the Golden Goose in the room is the upper 1% who already pay for all the liberal talking points with the taxes they already pay. They don't want to lose any of that and in fact want to squeeze more out for their entitlements.
If you ask me, that seems unfair to ask the people already paying the most to pay more.